Going to try this again …


Blogging, that is.

I used to blog – here – when I was an obsessive cross-stitcher.  I lost my stitching mojo and really haven’t found it again.

Whilst I have always been a bookworm, I then became obsessed with books.  I joined Goodreads, and discovered reading challenges, which led to the discovery of new authors, which then led to more books.  My bookcase is overflowing.  I overdid the challenges and burned out.  I still read, but I’m now not quite so obsessive.

Just over a year ago, there was a request in the school newsletter asking for hand-knit blanket squares for charity.  I taught myself to knit in my mid-teens, and it was something I did on and off over the years.  I had/have a box of yarn that was shipped over with us when we moved here, taking up space in the under-stairs cupboard.  I figured I could make up some squares and de-clutter at the same time.

Out of curiosity one day, I Google-d “charity blanket squares” and found Knit-a-Square (KAS).  I decided I needed more yarn.  So I could knit more charity squares, of course.  Of course.

One of the bookshops here, at the time, had a small haberdashery section, with a select range of yarn.  Then a friend told me about another store here in Dubai that sold yarn, and other crafty delights.  On my first visit there I started chatting with another customer who was on a stopover in Dubai, and had heard about the store through Ravelry.  I remember hearing about Ravelry a few years ago, but membership was by invite only and I wasn’t really knitting back then.  Today?  Different story.  I joined, and found the Amiras – a wonderful group of ladies who meet up once a month (and sometimes more frequently).  One of those ladies is Jocelyn – I heart her and her beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

I have learnt so many new things in the last year.  I can now knit socks, and cool hats, simple lace and non-lace shawls, sweaters in the round (no seaming!) … and the yarns!  I truly had no idea such fantabulous yarns existed.

So, now I have a new obsession love, and my forays into that will be what this blog will be focussed on – maybe with a little bit of life thrown in just to mix things up.


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  1. Welcome to knitting!

    I understand about getting into something and getting burnt out. It happens to me with most of my hobbies: knitting, stitching, crochet, even reading. The good thing with having multiple hobbies is that they run in cycles and the mojo comes and goes.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve been knitting :)

  2. Why did I not know that you started a blog?
    Your journey sounds a lot like mine – no wonder we hit it off so well! I did the whle cross-stitching thing, silk painting thing, reading (I lost A LOT of books back home btw which almost makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry as I rock back and forth), and then the knitting of course. I didn’t get into scrapbooking and beading though.

    See ya around!

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